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Easy, Simple & Beneficial

Distrik's community is made up of teenagers across the GTA, and offers itself as an outlet to access youth at ease. By displaying your companies banner or logo on numerous pages, you will be targeting your specific age group audience.

Distrik.com receives over 1,000 unique visitors a day, and our traffic continues to increase daily. With our frequent hits and views, we are becoming a community where businesses can target teenagers easily. Your company supplies us with a JPG or GIF banner (pixels varry) of your organization, and an agreement will be reached regarding the amount of pages your banner will run on. Prices varry according to the amount of pages you would like to have your advertisement displayed on, so feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Our advertisement and promotion system works as a flat rate, not pay per click. We create affordable solutions to help benefit your organization, and help you save money. With a wide range of people across the GTA visiting our site daily, it makes sense to choose Distrik to promote your company on.

Contact Information:

    E-mail: advertising@distrik.com
    Telephone: (647) 202-4777
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